Domaine de Rombeau – Vin Doux Naturel 1956 – Rivesaltes

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This is obviously something very aged the colour is tawny-amber with a slightly greenish rim which normally indicates a fair amount of age. Very intense nose. Almost piercing in a positive way. There is certainly a hint of something volatility here, but that comes with age. However, we can talk about a little complexity. I think this pretty much summarizes what fine aged sweet wine is all about. It is like a gentleman’s library including the leather chairs, the wood, the cigar box. There is a lot of tobacco and cigar box. Then we can add the praline box because there is a lot of chocolate, almond, almond paste, fine candy I would say. So highly complexed and very aged. There is nothing primary left here. So it is all made in an oxidative style, but a positive oxidation. The palate is very intense. It has a high but finely integrated alcohol. There is an excellent freshness, giving a lift to that intense sweetness. So it doesn’t really feel faded or tired in any way. There is just a marvellous complexity, with nutty notes, all that dried fruit like prune, fig, dates. A lot of spiciness going on and a tremendously long finish. Obviously a very complex wine with a lot of age. That is bloody good. Could you get me a cigar?

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.