Domaine de Pellehaut – Réserve Chardonnay & Petit Manseng 2013 – Cotes de Gascogne

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White wine with a medium deep golden colour; still fairly youthful appearance, there’s a slight presence of something green in there. Nose is pure and fresh, really absence of oak, more on the primary fruity style here with an emphasis on lemon zest, lime; some tropical fruit hints as well, more on the yellow fruity side like pineapple. Palate is bone-dry, it has a good crispy freshness. Acidity per se is not super high, but it’s made in a bone-dry style; we have some of those zesty notes from the lemon zest, with some yellow fruit. In terms of weight I would put it in the middle there, it has medium weight. Acidity emerges more on the finish, I would talk about a slightly mouthwatering sensation on the aftertaste; still pretty medium-weight in terms of that. Medium-long finish as well. So well-made, in a classically pure and fresh style.

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