Domaine De Crochet – Cuvée Charles Auguste Grand Cru 2011 – La Côte

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Red wine with a medium towards deep ruby red core; slight evolution on the rim, but still appearing rather youthful. The nose has got some evolution, there’s some nuance there; mild spices, tobacco and wood, with quite a mix of red and dark berries. Palate has a bit more than medium weight, but it’s finely distributed there, quite grainy, with juicy fruit. Also some wood emerges from the palate, some notes of cedar wood and vanilla. Nice and juicy fruit there, with crushed berries, plum. Rather long on the finish. I think this is a wine that has reached a good level of drinkability. There’s really nothing obtrusive or too young in terms of acidity, tannin and oak. Well integrated, with attractive fruit, a layered spiciness, a certain amount of complexity, and a clear long finish. Very nice drinkability.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.