Distillery Gatsios – Black Muscat NV – Tsipouro

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Pale colour, transparent. Quite intense nose. Rather funky I would say this is a charming style of traditional spirit. It takes me to the direction of grappa or tsipouro as they would call it in Greece. We have a lot of grape hummus there. To me this is more in the direction of white grapes, Muscat-like. Quite floral, also with hints of the lees. So quite peppery, quite floral. Really hot on the palate with a good bite. I would say this is a rustic style, but that is also what we expect from this kind of spirit. So really in the positive sense, a good bite for digestion after a meal. A lot of peppery notes, a slight hint of bitterness, with lemon zest, grape hummus and a quite long hot finish.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.