Distillery Gatsios – Ammos NV – Ouzo

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Transparent colour, high viscosity. Very intense nose here. Obviously there is a lot of liquorice, anise seed. Some cumin with underlined notes of lemon zest, some citrusy notes there. It really gives me a lot of teenage memories if I may say that. I like the purity in this one, it is very intense but it is still balanced. On the palate there is a certain sweetness, but it is not the most sweet style. I like that spicy pepper sensation I get on the palate. With well-defined notes of anise seed, liquorice, fennel. What we should expect from this style. Good length. I think the alcohol is not too noticeable. Obviously we want that bite from the alcohol, but truly balanced. A style I would drink well-chilled. I think this is a nice example of this style of spirit.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.