Distillerie Peroni Maddalena – Grappa Lugana Invecchiata NV

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Deep golden colour, almost with a touch of amber. Quite elegant nose at first, it feels certainly that this is a spirit that has got some oak aging here; fine wood, some sweet aromas of honey and malt and caramel. The palate has a very good flavour intensity, it’s really warm and rounded. Alcohol is present but it’s not really burning. I think it’s quite persistent on the palate, it keeps lingering. It offers more fruitiness on the finish. It’s warm, it’s ripe; it has that certain roughness that you expect from grappa but I still think that this aging in oak has rounded it off nicely. It offers a quite nice texture and a good level of drinkability today. Cheers!

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.