Cognac La Grange Du Bois – XO – Petite Champagne

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It is a spirit with a quite deep colour here, it has just transformed from deep golden into light amber, with a slight green rim, indicating a certain evolution. True on the nose as well, it is starting to reach the second stage of evolution showing more candied, slightly burnt aromas; not in a negative way, but like caramelized sugar. Than we have damp tobacco, cedar wood, some candid fruit and plenty of spiciness. Really rigorous on the palate here. I feel a slight alcoholic bite, but I think that is quite quickly overshadowed by that wealth of spicy, woody and nutty flavours. It does show a quite long finish as well. There is not really any sweetness in this one as well, it is nicely dry and nutty on the finish. And good maturity to enjoy today.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.