Cognac Bel Ange – Paradisiaque Extra – Fine Petite Champagne

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It is a spirit that shows fine maturity here, we have a medium deep amber colour, and very pale rim. It’s a beautiful intensity on the nose here. Really a Cognac that has reached a fine level of complexity and maturity here. I get a lot of sweetness here; like candid, like fine candy, fine liquorice, with spicy notes, tobacco and cedar wood. Beautiful intensity with a lot of stuff in there. The wood is not really dominating so it is in a fine harmony. Flavour-wise it is really rich, ample and mouth-filling. It is warm in terms of alcohol, but I don’t think that the alcohol really adds anything, rather it adds a certain amount of freshness. No sweetness to talk about, in terms of caramel or whatever, it is really a bone dry, nutty finish, with that multi-layered spiciness and complexity. Really, really long finish and overall nice harmony and complexity.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.