Cocchi – Storico Vermouth Di Torino NV – Asti

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Quite deep golden colour, with a hint of almost something brown towards amber. Intense nose, and this is not a normal wine, it’s rather a Vermouth style, it’s flavoured; but I think for that it has a good complexity. We have those herbs, licorice, dry wood, cedar, tobacco, in combination with quite sweet candied honeyed fruit. Palate has a quite high sweetness, but I think that’s well-tempered by that bitterness we have in here, and those bitter spices, bitter herbs giving a good lift, good grip. Quite long sweet finish with grapey candied fruit, but it finishes off in a dry style. It’s a flavoured wine and I wouldn’t call myself a specialist in judging this, but I think it’s a very nice traditional style in that Northern Italian Vermouth style. Very fun.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.