Clément – Rhum Vieux Agricole Vieilli en fûts de Chêne V.S.O.P – Martinique

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This is a spirit with a deep golden colour, bordering light amber, I would say. Generous nose here showing off hints of sugar cane juice, some molasses. Then there is a nutty, slightly spicy notes, with a clear presence of wood as well. Really good bite on the palate. This is still a very fine fairly young rum, but it has some nuttiness and character arrived from aging in wood. Alcohol is present, it is really offering a nice bite on the palate. Medium towards long finish. I still think this is a rum that could be enjoyed on its own. It is digestive, but it can also make a good ingredient in let’s say a finer set of cocktails.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.