Château Puech-Haut – Tête De Belier 2014 – Saint Drézéry

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White wine with a light golden colour. Still appearing rather youthful, there is a slight green tinge in there. Pure and intense nose. Quite tropical at first. It is really displaying ripeness here, lush almost like tropical fruit. I pick up some floral notes as well. It is fairly aromatic. Reminiscent of, let’s say, quite a Southern style in terms of nice, juicy, ripe fruit; like pineapple, mango, citrus, some floral notes. Almost in this veneer direction. There is a slight hint of oak. Not super present, but I get a slight hint of smokiness, something toasted there. It is pretty attractive. The palate confirms the nose. It is quite lush and broad style. Again, I would talk about the quite Southern style, with quite mild acidity. However, the wine is classically bone dry. So it still retains a good freshness on the palate. I do get some oak on the taste as well but finely underlined. This is first and foremost that great mouthfeel with that lush tropical fruit. There is good extract as well, extract without bitterness. Which I think gives a good lift to the palate. Fine spiciness and then again those tropical yellow fruit, some floral undertones. A really good bite on the finish. I think this a wine that combines that quite opulent fruit with a slight mineral sensation, particularly on the finish. So lush, broad, with a good length and good character.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.