Château Puech-Haut – Tête De Belier 2013 – Saint Drézéry

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Red wine with a quite deep ruby-red colour, but it appears to have a certain evolution as it has lost a bit of purple-blue already. Quite intense nose, with a certain complexity and spiciness. I pick up some peppery notes with clove, ginger. Quite a fine mix, it is ripe fruit but combines red and dark berry aromas, with plum and some meaty notes as well. No noticeable oak really but just a slight smoky presence. Really nice palate. I think this has a high density in terms of fruit. I would talk about the sweet fruity character. However, the wine is of course classically dry. But I think it has a nice modification, because it has a quite subtle texture here. We have that density, but there is nothing harsh or hard. The tannins are finely grained. Also contributing to the length and the structure of this wine. The fruit is obviously very ripe but not appearing sweet. Very lush texture, very good length, lingering with that spicy, sweet fruit character. Delicious to drink already, I would say, but it certainly has the density and the structure to go on for another five, six, seven, eight, whatever you like, years. So a fine wine.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.