Château La Martinette – Imbroglio – Viognier 2014 – Côtes de Provence

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White wine with a rather youthful colour; green tinge, light straw colour. Very aromatic, perfumed and aromatic with floral hints, white flower, very ripe fruit like pineapple, apricot; also some lactic notes like yoghurt, butter. No noticeable oak really, rather on this aromatic lush fruitiness. Classically dry palate without residual sugar, good sense of freshness. I would say this is not really a high acidity per se, it’s rather a mellow, rounded acidity; more like a style from the South, but well-balanced, it still gives a good notion of freshness on the finish, and it’s combining hints of yellow fruit with ripe citrus. No noticeable alcohol really. Modern style, modern vinification, pure clean and fresh with a medium towards long finish.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.