Champagne René Roger – Cuvée Althaea NV – Brut

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Medium to high colour intensity here. This one is light to medium golden showing some age. However, the mousse is still quite youthful. The nose has some development. This is something more made in an oxidative style, so I would say more Pinot in here. Some nutty notes, nougat and some windfall, like bruised pear, bruised apple and almost a smoky element. It is quite a full-bodied champagne there, with nutty notes. Might be a slight hint of oak in this one as well, because we have some of those some smoky notes. Made in a deliberately oxidative style I would say. So more on that windfall, nutty. It has a certain amount of maturity as well, because nothing is really green or really youthful in there. So more I would say optimal style of nutty, rich, quite bold style of Champagne.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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