Champagne Pierre Gimonnet & Fils – Special Club De Collection 2008

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Bright with a quite low colour intensity here, this is a straw colour with a slightly green tinge. Thus, appearing youthful with medium sized bubbles. Good purity on the nose. There is a hint of minerality, combined with quite ripe fruit here. I get hints of rather yellow fruit here like peach, apricot, yellow plum, saffron, almond. So there is a certain evolution, there is a certain complexity. Good bite there. Really juicy in terms of freshness. So a quite marked acidity, but well embedded with that ripe yellow fruit sensation. Mousse is also excellent, well integrated, adding a creamy mid-palate I would say. Yeah, I really like this bite. Stylistically, I would call it rather grower style. I would put it in the medium weight somewhere. Well, all of those descriptions are medium weight anyway. What I really like here is the purity, the bite. Very long, pure and persistent finish. So a really nice example. Obviously with a potential for further cellaring.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.