Champagne Phal B. De Beaufort – Privilège Extra Brut NV – Grand Cru

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Medium towards almost light golden I would say. Still quite vigorous mousse. The nose starts out quite sweet, I think there is a hint of oak there; I get some vanilla, more of an oxidative style, with some butter, some creamy notes and yellow fruit. Bone dry palate, probably extra brut. So as the nose started out more quite expressive, round and ripe, the palate is more tight and focused with well-marked acidity adding a lot of freshness, almost mouth-watering, slightly austere. Still quite youthful on the palate, it has length, but more I would say light to mid-weight in terms of body. It does have length, but it still quite youthful and tight. Not too expressive on the palate. I certainly think that this is a style that will continue to develop, to gain roundness and more weight. For drinking today I would prefer more for its lightness and freshness, a more aperitif setting.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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