Champagne Lanson – Extra Age – Brut NV

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Sparkling wine with quite fine bubbles here, showing a certain maturity. The colour as well indicates some age, being light towards medium golden. It’s a fine nose here, a lot of things going on. It’s showing a certain complexity from aging, not on the primary fruit. Here I get some notes of butter, some pastry like croissant, brioche, everything else the French have for breakfast, but also add to that some ripe stone fruit like apricot; but no influence of oak, more in a pure traditional style. Nice palate here, quite full-bodied, very good grip; and I think this one nicely combines maturity, quite ripe fruit; this feels like a classic blend, with both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in my mind. Very vibrant acidity here, nice and mouthwatering. Nice creaminess as well, it has got a few years of aging so it’s very harmonious in terms of creaminess and the texture. Persistent on the palate as well, keeps lingering for a good while. I think it has a rather good balance with a certain complexity, fine aging. Nicely blended in a classic style, yet with a good dose of maturity.

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