Champagne Henri Abelé – Le Sourire de Reims 2003 – Brut Rosé

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Quite deep and intense colour here for being a rosé, however, it seems it has slightly rusted on the rim with a copper, golden tinge. So I suppose it has some age, also indicated from the bubbles that are quite integrated and fine. Very interesting nose, definitely complex, it is showing some age here, some maturity. I think aromatically this is more reminiscent of a red Burgundy than a Champagne. It is a lovely nose, finely spiced with some hints of ginger, raspberries, red cherry. It really keeps opening up and it displays a lot of those quite complex aromas. A certain maturity to it for sure, and a clear presence of Pinot Noir for sure. The palate is quite ample, and once again I would talk about a clear notion of Pinot; there is a phenolic presence, slight hint of tannin, but I think that the bitterness has gotten come evolution and development now. It is nicely integrated, but still a quite assertive, a broad shoulder in terms of Champagne. The fruit feels very ripe, like ripe, really sweet red berries. On the mid-palate it is really a rounded and smooth texture with a creamy mousse and goes for a long while as well. Really rich in structure, an opulent Champagne, for those who love Pinot Noir, big and bold Champagnes. I think for all lovers of Pinot Noir, this should be a really interesting drink.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.