Champagne Drappier – Grande Sendrée – Brut 2006

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A sparkling wine with some evolution here, bubbles are quite small and lively; the colour is in the medium-golden range. A certain complexity on the nose here, pure; with fine spices, it’s almost like some hints of gingerbread in terms of spiciness. We have quite ripe fruit here, stone fruit like apricot, ripe citrus. No notes of oak. A rather classic blend of varieties, aromatically speaking. Palate is quite broad as well, but it really has a nice and distinct dryness, freshness. So: mouthwatering acidity, not a lot of dosage, rather towards the dry side. Fruitiness: here I get some ripe fruit, some notes of pear, ripe apple, with some red berry notes and some grapefruit. It has a good weight, it has a good persistence, I mean it’s at least a long aftertaste towards very long; it keeps lingering. So well-balanced in a quite full-bodied and vinous style.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.