Champagne Cuperly – Grande Réserve NV – Grand Cru Brut Rosé

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It’s a rosé colour more on the paler side, I would say with a copper tinge. Quite large, youthful bubbles. The nose has a certain depth, a certain level of complexity. I get a lot of spices here like pain d’épices. There is more of the red fruity side, like raspberry, wild berries. There might be a hint of oak here because I get some smokiness, there is a hint of toastiness. This is quite a full-bodied style. Well balanced. I think there is a certain presence of oak, for sure. I get much more of that notion of dark skin grapes, much more of that Pinot style. Attractive fruit there, red berries, fine spices. Really bold and intense in terms of flavour. Good length. And apart from that juicy, red fruit there is also those spicy element. Some fresh butter, brioche. So we can definitely talk about complexity there. Well integrated acidity, giving a lift to that quite ripe and tropical fruit. So a style of rosé for those of you that like a bold, rich and powerful Champagne.
Dark Skin Grapes, Fresh Butter, Spicy Elements

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.