Champagne Charles Mignon – Cuvée Comte de Marne NV – Grand Cru Brut

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A sparkling wine, with a medium intense mousse and a colour which is verging towards light golden. Quite rich and intense nose here, a lot of fruit here, quite ripe towards more of the red skin grapes or more notion of Pinot in this one; with some red berries, plum, ripe pear, some spicy notes as well. Good gripe on the palate, I think this one nicely combines a good amount of ripeness in terms of fruit with some plum, pear and red berry notes. At the same time, I would say it is fairly dry, in a positive way, more towards extra brut with not a lot of sugar in there. Finely balanced acidity that gives it a lift. Mid-palate is quite full bodied, lots of weight there, intense, quite persistent flavours of that ripe fruit. Still on the quite youthful side I would say, doesn’t really have a lot of those vinous, or lees notes. But good expression of fruit, good expression of ripe fruit particularly, in my mind more of a Pinot with this one, but it has a good length and good structure. Something I would happily drink.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.