Castello Bonomi – Cru Perdu NV – Franciacorta

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Sparkling wine with a medium-deep straw colour towards light yellow; still slightly young, with a hint of green and a quite fine vivid mousse. Fine nose as well, it’s revealing pure fruit. There’s a hint of complexity here from aging on the lees like butter, some pastry, citrus and ripe pear. Good bite on the palate, vivid freshness here; I think acidity is really well-integrated because the fruitiness has got a certain ripeness, so it’s combining that nice juicy ripe fruit with that freshness. Creamy texture, the bubbles are finely integrated. Still quite on the light-bodied side but with that freshness, purity of fruit and a quite long finish, it’s a quite elegant style of sparkling, which is drinkable now. Certainly with a potential for some aging, but I think it drinks fairly well right now for its freshness.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.