Casarena Bodega y Viñedos – El Negro que no es blanco 2012 – Mendoza

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Red wine with a slightly developed colour here, it is a wine we can see through clearly, rather medium deep ruby-red I would say. Moderate ripeness on the nose, this one leans more towards the red fruity side with red currant, red cherry. There is a lot of herbal notes as well, slightly herbal spiciness, some notes of sage, bay leaf and chopped herbs. Not a lot of oak, slight hint of vanilla. Palate has medium weight. Moderate ripeness. It is showing off more of those sour red fruits like red cherry, cranberry, red currants. Again there is a slightly green hint there of green herbs. Oak is quite laid-back, it has a good level of freshness, not appearing tannic. So quite polished in terms of texture. However, much more restrained in style with lower ripeness still has some of that more sour red cherry fruit, with those green herbs and a medium towards long finish.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.