Cantine Mucci – Kubbadì 2009 – Terre di Chieti

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Red wine with a quite dense ruby red core; rather high viscosity, with coloured legs. Quite sweet nose here, displaying ripe fruit, more on the dark fruity side; and there’s really an emphasis on fruit here. There’s a slight hint of oak in the background, but quite finely toasted oak; some spicy notes and also with a hint of almost like orange zest or orange blossom. Quite full in terms of structure, good weight here, with pretty soft extraction; it has generous dark fruit like ripe plum, dark cherry. We have a certain tannic presence here, but I think that this is a wine that has got a few years of aging, so they are starting to round off. Oak is barely noticeable on the palate, it’s really a nice mouthful of that dark juicy fruit. It has length for sure, it’s a good length, keeps lingering, with a fine spiciness on the finish. It still appears a bit younger on the finish than at the beginning of the palate, but perfect drinkability I would say, and it has the weight and concentration to be aged for a few years – and should gain complexity from that as well.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.