Cantine Di Marzo – Anni Venti NV – Greco Di Tufo

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Light golden, just boarding light golden nuance right now. A quite intense mousse here with large, young, quite foamy bubble. Very interesting nose. It is showing a good deal of stoniness and minerality. At the same time, with quite ripe tropical fruits, in the direction of yellow fruits. Apricots peach pineapple in that direction. A slight herbal spiciness as well. The palate is quite broad. Quite bold structure, with lush tropical fruit. At the same time, it gives a good sensation of freshness. I would say that the acidity is balanced, quite mild, but it is a rather bone-dry style. So you still get that salivating freshness. Good extract. Pleasant bitterness in the shape of lemon zest on your palate. I think it has a good length. It really keeps lingering. There are some layers of yellow fruit, with some spicy elements. Not your average or standard sparkling wine for sure. A quite different style, but I kind of like it because it has originality at least.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.