Avignonesi – Occhio di Pernice 2000 – Vin Santo di Montepulciano

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Wow, here we can talk about colour. I do not have a lot of expression for this. Truly opaque, black and just a slight green rim. Enormous viscosity as you can see. It looks very much like a pea egg. Immensely sweet from dried grapes. It has nothing to do with primary fruit. Here we have more hints of molasses, cane sugar, more nuttiness. It is deliberately oxidative style I would say. With walnut, leather, chocolate, dark chocolate. In terms of fruitiness, it is rather dry and sweet fruit, such as; prunes dates and figs. Really thick and viscous on the palate. Certainly an infusion of vitamins and sugar and energy. So immensely sweet. Tremendously viscous and dense. I like it because it has gotten some maturity. It is massive in terms of texture and sweetness. It is still underlined by a certain acidity. I like the nutty notes and some pepperiness like sweet pepper, chopped walnuts. Almost like an English fruit cake, but very, very long finish with a bit more spiciness going on. This is certainly not a wine that you drink several glasses of. This is enough with a very small glass to end your meal. So a different style, a difficult style to judge. None of the less I thoroughly like it.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.