Apegadas – Qta Velha Grande Reserva 2013 – Douro

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Youthful appearance, rather blue-purple with a moderate colour intensity. Fine nose, quite elegant here with floral hints, wild berry fruit. There is something meaty here with this fine spiciness, sweet apricot, ginger and plum. Rather tempting actually. Very good density on the palate. Concentrated fruit, but I think it still keeps within that medium body frame. Good clarity of flavour there. Quite high extract, but still balanced. The fruit offers quite a mix of red and dark berries, wild berries. Very nice sensation of freshness there, with well-preserved acidity. Oakiness is not really noticeable just a slight hint of vanilla on the finish. It is still a very youthful wine. I sense a lot of potential there. Elegant style, long, lingering finish. I like the restraint in this one, in the positive sense of the word. It should obviously develop very well for the coming, at least, ten years. So enjoy this in the coming few years.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.

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