Antonopoulos – Cabernet Nea Dris 2006 – PGI Achaia

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The colour has a certain maturity here, it is I would say, light towards medium ruby-red, developed on the rim. Fine nose, also developed. There is a hint of complexity here. Still a lot of fruit, it is no baby for sure. To me, it leans in the direction of let say Bordeaux varieties Cabernet, Merlot, something. With classic notes of cassis, redcurrant, leather, tobacco. But I like it, it is a fine spiciness, it does have layers. Discreet. Not too much of anything, just a lot of everything. Nice palate. Good flavour intensity, good maturity. Tannins are well-integrated today, so quite grainy. I suppose this is a wine that has a certain evolution. Probably with a lot of tannin in its youth, but I think this drinkability now is good. Well underlined by a nice level of freshness. Elegant red and dark fruit like redcurrant and cassis. Some leathery, tobacco notes on the finish. Discreet spiciness, well-integrated oak. Complex wine, good level of drinkability. Certainly should keep another ten years in a good cellar with this level of concentration. Today drinks very well, very nice result.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.