Alpamanta Estate – Malbec 2011 – Mendoza

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Quite intense colour still very inky at the core, with a more ruby-red towards the rim. The nose feels quite traditional, it feels more like a long aging in oak, perhaps American oak. I get that notion of, almost what I find in classic Rioja, of vanilla, some dried herbs, dill and some dried spices like anise seed, sage, with a mix of red and dark berries. The palate is nicely subtle and rounded. There is no hard edges here, so it has a fine evolution I would say. It is a bit more than medium weight. It is good density of fruit, but it is not really what I would call a massive style. So subtle and rounded with quite attractive and elegant sweet fruit. Juicy crushed berries, plum, grainy tannin, a certain complexity and fine spiciness. Smooth finish, quite long aftertaste. I would talk about enjoying it today. Definitely a wine to put back in the cellar, but I think it has a good level of drinkability and balance today.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.