Abbotts & Delaunay – Cumulo Nimbus 2013 – Minervois

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Deep ruby-red colour, slight hint of purple, appearing quite young. The nose starts out with some spicy notes, a touch of leather there, a slight hint of barnyard, with quite sweet fruit. On the red fruity side; like red plum, crushed berries and a floral hint. Quite straightforward palate, I would say. In terms of vinification, gentle tannin, rounded, subtle, red fruit. A slight hint of meatiness, but I think there is less of those barnyardy notes on the taste, then on the nose. Well balanced with a good level of freshness. It is obviously ripe fruit, but the finish is still on the fresher side. Medium towards long finish. Gentle spiciness on the finish. I would say well made in a subtle, rounded and fruit forward style.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.