Abbotts & Delaunay – Cumulo Nimbus 2012 – Minervois

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Very inky dark core, dark ruby, with a slightly lighter rim. Developed nose, with some hints of evolution; we have the spice box there, some leather, some balmy notes, and the fruit is rather towards dried fruits, prunes, dates. The palate has medium weight, quite high acidity, and the fruit character is again rather dried, like prunes, dates, figs; then we add some sweet spices to that, a hint of leather, and again the spice box. More of a traditional style, not really with an oaky influence, we have some of those herbal notes, spices, ripe fruits on the finish, medium towards long finish, in a rather traditional style, with a good level of evolution; I don’t think this is something for the long term, something rather to be enjoyed today.

Tasted by the Best Sommelier of the World, Andreas Larsson.